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April Bullard resides with her husband aboard their houseboat near Vancouver, Washington. She admits to 55 years of age, 35 years of marriage, mother of 3, grandmother of 4, a navy veteran, former member of the SCA, current member of NSDAR and NSCDXVIIC, with a fondness for chocolate. She creates and performs work inspired by living cradled on the Columbia River as an artist, photographer, author and musician.

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Illustrator  &  author

   The Sock Thief 

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Goody Hepzibah weaves history and genealogy into familiar rhymes and spins a sinister tale. Goody brings severe consequences for each character’s actions and lets them fall where they may. Secret messages in the pictures and text add to the fun. These are not your typical, sweet grandmother’s nursery rhymes and fairy tales. 
You have been warned!
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Member of Northwest Independent Writers Association

May 2016 - April Bullard received the

Women in the Arts Award

from the National Society

Daughters of the American Revolution