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          Released  January 2014

     Ghost Town Poetry: Volume 2

“Guardian of Forgotten Souls”  poem


   Released  December 2013

    Demonic Visions   Book 2

“The Other Side”  short story

               Released  September 2013

          Demonic Visions: 50 Horror Tales

                 “Daisy Eyes”  short story

            Released  June 2012

           Cover of Darkness #11

       “Night Fishing”  flash fiction  

“History of a Haunted House” poem


                Released  March 2012

               parABnormal Digest  #3

      “The Black Umbrella”  flash fiction


Children’s picture book. Modern fairy tale in classic rhyming prose. While helping with the laundry, our heroine is pulled into a secret cave of stolen objects by a sticky fingered elf intent on redirecting human affairs.

Available at: 

Fort Vancouver Library System   and

      Released  March 2014

    Demonic Visions   Book 3

“Rite of Research”  short story

         Released  July 2014

     Demonic Visions   Book 4

“The Legacy of Clan Mag Aoidh”

              short story

Released  December 2014

     “Sky Talk”  short story

“Goody Hepzibah’s Harvest Tales”

Goody Hepzibah weaves twisted versions of familiar rhymes and spins a sinister tale. Goody lets severe consequences fall where they may. These are not your typical, sweet grandmother’s nursery rhymes and fairy tales. You have been warned. RATED  PG-13

Available at:

Fort Vancouver Library System   and

Paper Tiger Coffee, Vancouver, WA

Another Read Through, Portland, OR

Jupiter’s Books, Cannon Beach, OR

Interstellar Overdrive, Vancouver, WA

Harbor Books & Gifts, Aberdeen, WA

  Released February 2016

“Trick Not Treat” short story

Member of Northwest Independent Writers Association

ARTIFACT        2016 NIWA Anthology

Released November 2016

short story:

“Corncob Pipe” by April Bullard


Alban Lake Publishing

Releases  February 2017

short story:

“Lightning Child”  by April Bullard


Tip-toe into the twilight to experience a few giggles, gasps and plenty of goosebumps with twisted little tales of vengeance, lethal loyalty, the worst hangover, possession, werewolves, premonitions, pranks gone wrong, betrayal and even a murder or two.  First collection of previously published favorites from the author.  YA ages 13 and up.   and

Paper Tiger Coffee, Vancouver, WA

april  bullard,   author