published  written  work


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          Released  January 2014

     Ghost Town Poetry: Volume 2

“Guardian of Forgotten Souls”  poem


   Released  December 2013

    Demonic Visions   Book 2

“The Other Side”  short story

               Released  September 2013

          Demonic Visions: 50 Horror Tales

                 “Daisy Eyes”  short story

            Released  June 2012

           Cover of Darkness #11

       “Night Fishing”  flash fiction  

“History of a Haunted House” poem


                Released  March 2012

               parABnormal Digest  #3

      “The Black Umbrella”  flash fiction


Children’s picture book. Modern fairy tale in classic rhyming prose. While helping with the laundry, our heroine is pulled into a secret cave of stolen objects by a sticky fingered elf intent on redirecting human affairs.

Available at:

Fort Vancouver Library System

      Released  March 2014

    Demonic Visions   Book 3

“Rite of Research”  short story

         Released  July 2014

     Demonic Visions   Book 4

“The Legacy of Clan Mag Aoidh”

              short story

Released  December 2014

     “Sky Talk”  short story

Goody Hepzibah blends a cup of history, a spoonful of nursery rhyme, and a pinch of the supernatural, then turns on the heat and lets the characters simmer until consequences fall like sledge hammers!  Secret codes and hidden messages throughout the book!

Classic and Creepy! You have been warned!


Available at:

Fort Vancouver Library System

Paper Tiger Coffee, Vancouver, WA

Another Read Through, Portland, OR

Jupiter’s Books, Cannon Beach, OR

Interstellar Overdrive, Vancouver, WA

Harbor Books & Gifts, Aberdeen, WA

  Released February 2016

“Trick Not Treat” short story

april  bullard,   author

Anthology of previously published short stories and poems geared to give even grown-ups  goosebumps, compiled by the author.

”. . . thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories. The perfect crawl-up-on-your-favorite-chair and read all night book” - April Aashiem, USA Today Bestselling author of the Witches of Dark Root series

“Enjoyed this ... a really good read ... relaxing, uncomplicated, humorous, and lots of fun.” - Jesse Lee Vint III, Actor, Director, and author of

“The Film Actors Handbook”

Released  November 2016

“Corncob Pipe”  short story

   Released  February 2017

“Lightning Child”  short story

“I encourage everyone who has kids (or is a kid at heart) to buy April Bullard’s delightful book”

Christopher Luna, Clark County Poet Laureate, Vancouver, WA

Reviews on Amazon:

“Children and grownups alike will enjoy discovering what happens to socks that go missing in the wash. Catchy, fun poetry, and wonderful artwork!


“The pictures are world class - April is truly a gifted artist and the story is refreshingly different from the usual children’s books we have. Thanks, April, for making it that much easier to call bedtime!”

Barry Haythornthwaite

“From the art work on the cover, all the way through to the last word, this did not disappoint in any way.”

Jan Ice


Little Jezebelle trades a chore for a true story. Secret message hidden inside!

Read aloud fun for the whole family!

Ages 4 and up.

Available at:

Paper Tiger Coffee, Vancouver, WA

Another Read Through, Portland, OR